Personal Productivity Or Emotional Intelligence?

To be productive, one has to create a state of mind that allows them to meet, conquer and transcend the challenges of life. One has to live from a vision and purpose rather than being reactive to circumstances, events and other people. Why should a Company invest training dollars in a program designed to increase emotional competencies for their staff?

Psychologists understand that the traditional IQ test does not measure all of the factors of an effective, successful, happily productive person. “Book learning” is not the only, and perhaps not the most important, measure of intelligence.

Many of the factors psychologists found to be important in making people successful in their business and personal lives are included in the terms emotional intelligence or emotional competence. The more aware we are of our own emotions, the more control we have over them. The more we empathize with the emotions of others, the more emotionally intelligent we become.

It certainly seems that it emotional intelligence is an important aspect of many business roles. But, business people have one dominant question: how does it affect the bottom line? Can putting employees in touch with their emotions actually make them more productive?

Emotional intelligence is not some new age, touchy-feely concept. Over two hundred studies, done in various countries, agree that emotional competence accounts for two-thirds to four-fifths of the difference between top performing and average performing employees.

When L’Oreal used emotional intelligence as a selection criterion for hiring sales representatives, they discovered that emotionally intelligent people outsold their colleagues by $91,370 a year, on the average.

The United States Air Force saved three million dollars by using emotional intelligence screening to select recruiters. The General Accounting Office reported an annual savings of $300,000 per year on a $10,000 investment in screening.

Emotional competencies can be learned it is not fixed at birth, it can be nurtured and strengthened in all of us. With a good training program, a Company can maximize the potential of the employees it already has, from the top to the bottom of the organizational chart.

For any business that would like to see increases in productivity and efficiency; more effective sales people; more creative teams and more responsive management, it is vital to invest in a good emotional intelligence training program.

Increase Personal Productivity by Working From Home Office

Typing these very words right now I am wearing nothing more than my favorite “Nike” shorts and slippers (also “Nike”). I have a glass of cold water beside my laptop to keep me wet (although I do not recommend drinking anywhere near your precious work station). The aircon is on, there is plenty of light. In other words – I am working, in spite of the fact that just 15 minutes ago I was in bed, struggling to get my lazy ass up.

Estimated 65 million people are working from home. Some full time and some part time. The number of ambitious personas working from home is growing daily thanks to improved technology, employer flexibility and worsening daily commutes. Most home builders understand what’s going on. They are already putting home office rooms in the model homes.

The Home Office Computing Magazine has conducted a study and found out that 96-98% of people who work from home are happier than they were when they worked at an office. And every single one of those business owners said that he/she recommends this lifestyle to others.

Some people are afraid making the shift from work place to a home office because they believe they won’t be able to resist readily available distractions. However, according to the same study, working from home increases productivity by 15-25%. This is just another example of how fear is just an illusion and needs to be treated as one – ignored.

I can be out of bed and into productivity in less than 10 minutes. If you spend 45 minutes arriving at work than it is a 90 minute daily commute you can cross off out of your daily schedule. 90 minutes a day grows into 7.5 hours a week and into astonishing 9 weeks a year. So, you can cross off 2 month plus a week of productive work time out of your calendar right on January 1st. Making this up just to break even takes twice that not to mention awful, annoying and often hazardous commute.

On my workdays, when I get hungry I don’t take an hour to go to launch. I go to the kitchen, get a healthy snack and back to work in just 10-15 minutes. I can even watch my favorite Tivo’ed show while I consume.

I make phone calls and send emails lying on my favorite orthopedic couch and even if I decide to take a 2 hour nap – I am still way ahead of an “office schedule.”

Socializing is not an issue as well. While I take five to breathe outside I often fetch my cell phone with me and make couple of calls to catch up with my friend. Note: after I am done catching up – cell phone’s GONE!

Sure, there are tradeoffs. Office often expands to other rooms around the house and business is always on my mind. But that beats the 90 minute commute plus unnecessary expanses I would have to make to get an office downtown. It’s a trade worth making.

Popular Bridesmaids Gifts – Personalized Products Online

Your bridesmaids deserve your thanks and appreciation, that is why you want to buy gifts for them. Your choice of giving them gifts is not only because you want to compensate their hard work and involvement in planning your wedding, but also simply because they are dear to you. Your bridesmaids may be your friends, sisters or cousins. They are priceless people close to your heart. However sometimes, honoring these people takes something that more than words can say. By presenting heart-felt gifts to your wedding attendants, it simply shows that you care about them.

Finding and purchasing bridesmaids gifts can be a bit difficult sometimes, especially if you don’t know where and what to buy for the girls. Make a plan for the bridesmaids gifts well in advance. It is better to be advance than late. Bridesmaids gifts should not cause you stress. You have to enjoy your shopping as it will really show onto the gifts you have purchased. Before you go to your shopping mall, your budget should be ready as well as your list of choices. One smart tip: Do not buy yet, just hunt for a while and then compare prices. After which, you can easily narrow down your list of gifts for your bridesmaids.

A perfect place to look for a wide array of bridesmaids gifts is actually at home. Yes, at home where you can sit down in front your computer and surf the net. The birth of the Internet has provided us easy and quick access to the things we want to buy. Shopping bridesmaids gifts has never been more easy without the Internet. Most brides and grooms nowadays opt to shop online than shopping conventionally. Unlike local dealers, online stores can cater various demands when it comes to bridesmaids gifts. Aside from immeasurable options to choose from, you can also find plenty of personalized ideas that you may consider.

Online shopping of gifts for bridesmaids won’t take so much time. In fact, at the comfort of your home, any time of the day, you are free to browse the Internet and place your order any time you want. There are lots of websites to visit on. Go to websites that offer various wedding gifts, including items for bridesmaids, maid of honor, groomsmen, best man, flower girl, ring bearer and of course gifts for the couple.

Go personalized when it comes to bridesmaids gifts. There is nothing that can beat personalized bridesmaids gifts. Your attendants will surely love to see their names, initials or even photos on the presents you have provided to them. When you choose any personalized gift, make sure that it fits to your bridesmaid. Remember, each of them may have different likes and tastes. When you choose gifts, choose only the things that suit best their personalities. Among the most popular bridesmaids gifts that can be personalized are tote bags, perfumer bottles, compact mirrors, party shirts, bath robes, picture frames, jewelry, cosmetic bags, jewelry boxes and a lot more.

Soap Making: Creating A Unique And Personal Product

Soap is one of the simple essentials of life, keeping things clean and free of bacteria. This versatile product can be found in a myriad of different applications in daily life. Rather than turning to a commercial product for hygiene needs, many consumers instead make their own soap.Handmade soaps can also serve as a great gift for friends and family.

Exploring the Making Process

Making cleanser is a process that has gone through many different metamorphoses over the course of history. Today’s modern soap maker has a huge array of resources available that can help simplify the overall soap making process. From scents and fragrances to molds used to form unique cleanser shapes, there are plenty of different options to explore within the world of soap.

Creating Unique Products

Because of the vast assortment of scents available, making a cleanser that will smell delicious could not be simpler! Some soap makers choose to mix different fragrances, creating a unique concoction unlike any other available on the market. Others will instead forgo scent altogether, instead opting for a product that cleanses without giving off a particular smell. Regardless of the unique personal preferences of the cleanser maker, it is easy to accommodate these desires.

Developing Interesting Shapes and Sizes

For example, many commercial soaps are only available in a single size, which may not fit the specific needs of a soap maker. Instead of purchasing one of these blocks of soap, molds can be used to shape handmade soap into different shapes and sizes. Not only is this useful when a specific size of soap is needed, but it can also be great fun for kids and adults alike.

Giving Handmade Soaps as Gifts

While creating soap for the home is a great reason to begin making soap, handmade soaps can also be a wonderful gift for friends and family members. Many soap makers choose to make products that feature the fragrances they know the recipient will enjoy. It is also easy to customize soaps to fit the recipient, using molds that feature their initials or giving cleanser that match their personality.

Regardless of why one chooses to begin making soap, the many rewards of this process make it a great pastime for anyone to consider. Not only is making soap and cost-effective and enjoyable, but it makes for a great experience that can be shared with others or used to relax.