Seven Steps to Increased Personal Productivity

Your ability to increase personal effectiveness emanates from you. We are inundated with the “tools of technology.” From our computers, to GPS, PDA’s, iPods, Kindles, and the ubiquitous cell phone. You would think the person with the most “equipment” would have the edge, be MOST effective. It is my observation that often the individual with the 39 cent yellow pad is the most effective. Why?

It is not about the “tools”, it is what you do with them. Here is a checklist of several elements that influence effectiveness.

1. Self-Responsibility: The choices, actions and responses you make determine your outcomes. Here is a poem that has influenced me for the past 30 years: The Man In The Glass (author unknown)

2. Accountability: Webster says “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility.” Often I hear “the blame game”, people dodging or failing to accept responsibility, this is a non-productive waste of time. Step-up, take charge and make things happen. Think of these ten words that insure success, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”
3. Awareness: Do what you say you’re going to do. This fundamental strategy will place you at the head of the pack. How do you feel when others fail to follow through on what they said they were going to do? Don’t make promises you can’t keep; it dilutes your effectiveness.
4. Desire: Is it your goal to be more effective? You must own the goal and link effectiveness to results, i.e., clearer communication, retention of employees, shorter sales meetings, and increased revenue.
5. Knowledge: There are many “how to” books on time management, one of my favorites is “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. Here is a summary: This will help you with the “what to” and “why to” of being more effective.

6. Develop Habits: We are creatures of habit, it is not easy to change or “break” habits. To be more effective you must create new habits that will lead to positive behavioral changes. Begin by seeing the outcomes you desire. What actions must you take to get there?
7. Practice: When you identify the actions you must take to reach your goals, begin the journey. Practice by doing the things that will create your success. It you want to do webinars to develop your target market, start by finding out what must be done to do a webinar. Then take the steps to make it happen. Effectiveness is DOING not trying.

How To Make Cash By Marketing Other Persons Products

The marketing of affiliate products on the internet can be a profitable choice for those looking to earn cash online as soon as possible. Whether or not it is possible to only sacrifice a few hours each week for your site, with some patience and persistent effort you should be able to make a a greater amount of money to assist you in these difficult times. By doing it the right way you could also join the large number of affiliates who earn a full time income from home simply by promoting affiliate products.

You can find below a reasonable amount of good reasons why marketing other’s products is a well liked choice.

The startup fees are low or maybe there are no costs at all:

If you are able to make a simple website using the WordPress platform, marketing affiliate products will basically cost you a small monthly fee for hosting your website, in addition to the cost of an autoresponder service if you choose to create your own email list. Once you have your first affiliate marketing website up then based on the hosting resources you have left you might be able to create several more affiliate marketing websites so that you would not have to pay for extra hosting. Choosing the correct hosting provider can save you a lot of money when it comes to building and hosting many affiliate websites at once.

You have a vast amount and variety of products that are available to promote:

On the internet there can be found hundreds and even thousands of affiliate products to promote for self help, reference, education, games, gardening, cooking, etc.; but choose a niche that you enjoy most or have the most knowledge of. You can also build an empire of websites with the niche you are able to master. For example in the event you appreciate sewing you might have a web site advertising the latest sewing devices. There will never be a shortage of affiliate products for you to choose from.

You can add affiliate marketing products to an existing website that you already own:

If you have a website that is already up and running, you can simply find an affiliate product that will offer some kind of assistance to your site’s audience. Provided that you are familiar with the affiliate product that you will be adding to your website you can write a review for your readers to better understand what the product does before they decide to buy it. In this way your readers will trust your judgment and click on the affiliate product link or links and in turn you will be more eligible to receive a commission.

Affiliate Marketing can result in a steady monthly income:

Earning a revenue can fluctuate from time to time but once you apply the correct steps to marketing affiliate products, your revenue should become steady over time. The company Amazon provides cash commissions in the range of 8% to 15% on most of their merchandise. If you decide to take part in the Amazon Associate Program it would be a good idea to promote products with an advertising price of at least $100. That means in the event the product you choose provides a commission of 8% – 15%, for each product you promote you will make at least $8 to $15. If you choose products costing less than $100 it will take a lot of product commissions to earn a decent salary every month.

Another good location to look for affiliate products to promote for free is the ClickBank Marketplace. They sell products ranging from digital ebooks to digital software. Cash commissions earned from promoting products at ClickBank can range up to 100% so you will have a better chance at earning more money at the end of the month. If you take a look at the vast amount of digital products that are sold there you should be able to easily find one in your chosen niche that you are sure to generate commissions from. The variety of niche that they offer ranges from business, health and fitness, forex to even travelling. It is also a good idea to look over the product or products that you are going to promote to your website readers to ensure that you offer the best quality of digital products to your audience.

Motivated Miles – Turn Your Drive Time Into Personal Productive Power

Recently, I took a sales training class. That by itself is probably not very exciting. The cool part is that I took the majority of the class while driving in my car!

Most of us spend hundreds of hours in our cars and drive thousands of miles each year. While there are many ways to spend this time, you can turn your drive from a monotonous daily routine into a productivity powerhouse activity. You don’t have to take a sales class to make this happen. There are dozens of ways you can better utilize this time but let me briefly explain what I did.

I signed up for an online class about sales training. The lessons were all in MP3 format. Each week, I would download the lessons onto my MP3 player. I would then listen to them while driving to and from work. My commute is 25 miles each way so I would have around 30 minutes every morning and afternoon to listen to, reflect on and think about the material being presented. As I listened, I could easily stop the program when I wanted to think about an important topic. I would have a notepad and pen available if I wanted to jot down a quick note (always keep your driving safety in mind). I could also use my phone to record a quick audio note to myself on that subject. Throughout the week I could repeat the lesson if necessary to ensure I understood the entire topic. The key point is that it did not take away from my personal life to complete this course. I drive to work every day anyway. I was simply making better use of the time and drive I was already making.

So how do you spend your drive time? Are you filling your mind with positive information? Are you improving your life while you go from place to place? There are many options you can use. There are motivational and inspirational CDs that cover all kinds of personal development topics from goal setting to eliminating procrastination. There are classes and instructional programs like the sales training course that I took. There are inspirational music and relaxation tapes. It’s up to you to determine what you would like to do with your time and how you would like to improve your life. I just want to mention what I did and how it worked for me. When I’m not taking classes while I drive, I listen to motivational tapes from people like Zig Ziglar and Tony Robbins. When I’m not listening to anything in the car, I am brainstorming for ideas on a particular problem or challenge. Drive time is a great time to think!

Analyze how you can make better use of your commute. Fill your mind with positive messages. Fill your time with personal development. Turn your many miles into motivated miles. Turn your drive time into personal development time. This is an opportunity to get ahead of the crowd. Look around at the other drivers. Don’t do what they are doing, do what high performing people are doing and use your time to its fullest potential. Get on the road to success today!

(c) 2010 Knoll Mountain LLC

Bruce Knoll

Personal Productivity: 10 Ways to Destroy “Alarmageddon”

My work had been going along productively. I’d finally begun to get traction on an important project when suddenly and without warning, it all came to its inevitable, crashing end. Within a period of just a few seconds, my phone started to bleep, my computer echoed in its own irritating way and urgently flashed a brilliant reminder on its screen. My iPad, in a fit of jealousy, awakened to all of the ruckus and began to ring out its own disturbing cries for my attention.

It was alarmageddon!

It caught me totally by surprise and I was woefully unprepared. I think I heard a muffled scream as my productivity came to its untimely death, lying there on the floor in a pool of ravaged hopes and dreams.

You’ve been there, right? Thought so.

This kind of thing is just crazy. I discovered recently that I’d given away control of my life to these hideous little taskmasters, these electronic demons of distraction. My soul was now owned by electronic bloopers and bleepers that have neither heart nor mercy.

I had to get my life back…but how? Like a repentant smoker in a cigar lounge, I was surrounded by the sweet smell of electronic intoxication. Everyone I know, every contact I have, had been dragged from the light of productivity to the the dark and sinister side of E.D. (No, not THAT kind of E.D! E.D. as in “Electronic Distraction”)

How to escape? How to regain my soul? These were the questions that haunted me. And when I finally forced all of the dinging demons into sleep mode, it came to me. Salvation was to be found in reclaiming my life.

Here are 10 ideas that may help you to regain yours.

  1. Turn off alarms on all devices but your phone, because its always with you. When your devices are synced, other reminders become redundant
  2. Turn off email message alarms on your phone
  3. Set your devices to check emails much less frequently, say, once every two or three hours – or longer
  4. Pull yourself away from your electronics for a while every day. Use your head and a pencil and paper to create something new; don’t just autonomically respond to every call for your attention
  5. Voicemail is a waste of time. On your voicemail recording, ask callers to leave voicemail only if it is an urgent and lengthy message. After all, you’ve got caller I.D., and they’ve got text and emails. They’ll learn eventually
  6. Feeling the call of social media? Unless your job demands it, don’t spend time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or any of the others until you’ve finished your broccoli
  7. Ask who’s in charge of your time. If it’s you, act like it. If not, you’ve just given away the control of YOUR time to the typing, tapping and random texts and messages of other people. If you can’t be the boss of the company, at least be the boss of you
  8. Leave your office. go somewhere else
  9. Prioritize the best use of your time: make it a habit to ask yourself if your current activity meets the criteria or not
  10. Finally and most important, implement one of the previous nine or figure out something that works for you. Unless you act, alarmageddon will seek you out and suck up your soul. While your eyes are open! Ack!