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This ole phrase as been around quite a while – “You are one in a million!”

It is usually a complimentary phrase we use to express how unusual someone is.

But in today’s world, being KNOWN as “one in a million” is a profound statement that few have achieved.

Very few people are recognized in our over-crowded, bland, same-o/same-o sea of faces as “one in a million.”

Oh sure, there’s Oprah. We know who is the current President of the United States. We know the news anchor of our favorite evening newscast.

But to rise to the top of the heap in your own business or profession is a gigantic leap requiring unprecedented ability!

Very few ever become branded so they are known by “a million” people in their town or in the nation. Very few even comprehend the

magnitude of being branded among so many people for what they do in their business or profession. Very few ever give it a thought, because it seems so impossible.

And even fewer think of the phenomenal financial rewards attached to this accomplishment!

But with the advent of the Internet – with it’s low operational cost and creative back-bone…

the Internet can be harnessed for the first time with the most powerful branding venue the world has ever known – – – television – – –

and now, almost-instantly, name recognition can be achieved for any person in virtually any business, profession or entrepreneurial activity…

at such a measly, cheesy, negligible, piddling cost that the most stingy person including Scrooge can afford it!

IF they have the know-how!

Produce your first-class Show (about whatever you do as a business or profession) in a $30 million studio with a camera crew and director who has won Emmy recognition…

and proliferate it across the Internet at video sites, your own web sites, Web 2.0 social sites, and in email broadcasts, auto-responders, and affiliate marketing…

and then inter-connect the World Wide Web with television branding in prime-time network, cable and FCC mandated “lease access” stations at rates so low…

that each exposure is less than the cost of a newspaper classified ad!

You can now blanket a major city with your own professionally-produced Show!

And this is possible (and accomplished by others right now) in Los Angeles (the 2nd largest city in the US) with a professionally-produced, 30 minute Show – every day, for an entire month…

for only $1500 a month!

Or, tell your story in your own home town, using prime-time TV each time, for 100 bucks!

That’s less than the cost of a newspaper classified ad.

If you only have the know-how!

It’s all now possible today in our contemporary age as an unbelievable feat with the combination of TV branding and the Internet!

Five Holidays And The Recommended Personalized Products

April will be flooded with numerous celebrations. Thus, these occasions provide these brands the license to sell products and services to people that they don’t really need.Yet, as a good business institution, you should know your customers certainly well. You should know how what they want and what they really need. Undoubtedly, they are your boss. They are the kings and queens that you should follow. Giving these people the things that they don’t really need can also make colossal impact on how these people look at you. They might think bad about you for affording them diverse promotional products that they don’t really need. So to avoid getting to that scenario, here are the list of holidays this month of April and some suggested promotional products that people can really adopt in their daily lives.

Car Care Month

Car care month will be held within the whole month of April. As a business concerned about the welfare of you consumers, bestow them something that they can exhaust for car care. You can hand them promotional products like air fresheners, bumper stickers, license plates and frames and many other auto accessories.

International Guitar Month

April is also the month when musicians unite and sing in harmony. Beyond doubt, this is also the remembrance of the International Guitar Month. You can draft promotional products that are related to music and guitar like customized picks that are used for plucking. You can also hand out song books with accurate guitar chords that guitar newbies will positively appreciate. Undoubtedly, dispensing such customized products in line with the celebration of International Guitar Month is a perfect rhythm.

National Humor Month

April is also the suitable moment to laugh and pay tribute to humor. You can dispense items that you can avail of for prank like cookies, boxes and other fun promotional products for National Humor Month. In addition, you can also carry simple gifts like shock pens to execute funny pranks and jokes.

National Poetry Month

You can unearth the inner poet in you by celebrating the National Poetry Month. You can adopt custom printed t-shirts, notepads, pens and mugs to imprint your own poems that you can share to people to enliven them to appreciate and love the art of poetry.

National Garden Month

The month of April is also the month when garden enthusiasts rejoice. These affair deserves nothing but plant and flower inspired promotional materials like tote bags, flower pots and gardening tools. This can also be the optimal holiday that we can relate to the fete of Earth Day which is also celebrated within the month of April.

These are five of the month-long celebrations and the recommended imprinted products that you can avail of for your marketing strategies. There are other functions that will be held on April that your company can take advantage of. Go ahead and think of useful things that you can give away during the fete and win the hearts of your potential customers.

Your Personal Productivity Depends on the Time That You Can Manage

The vast majority of time management programs actually totally miss the point. They include the things that you should be doing to manage your time better and there is a lot of good information that you can learn from these programs that will help you. However, when people get back to work they almost always fail to achieve a great deal more productivity in the given time because of one fundamental reason that they haven’t learned.

The thing they haven’t learned is about time production. That means that they should be producing more time to achieve what they want to achieve. Think of it this way, you can’t manage your time unless you’ve got some time to manage. Start off by getting rid of all the time that you waste because this will give you some time to manage and then you can increase your productivity. This may sound very simple but I’ll bet that you’ve never seen it like this.

To avoid wasting time at meetings, create an agenda with a time allocation for each item. Send the agenda to each participant a week ahead of the meeting. Explain on the agenda that the objective is to get a solution or solutions.

Don’t answer the phone. You actually don’t have to answer the phone when it rings. If you have blocked out certain time for working on a task don’t let phone calls interrupt your momentum. Whilst you may feel that you always need to be available, the truth is that you are losing productivity by permitting continual interruptions.

Think about what happens when you answer the phone. Keep a log of every phone call you take and how much productive time you waste each day by answering the phone. Unless your job specifies that you are paid to answer the phone, don’t do it. Try turning off your phone for half your day so that you can complete your tasks without interruptions. If you can’t resist it and have to answer, ask your caller if you can call back when it suits you.

There is no way that you can complete your tasks on time and be productive if you are constantly interrupted by drop-in visitors. Make a sign up that says don’t disturb and put it on the handle of your door which should be closed. This will deter all but the most determined interrupters. If you get somebody that can’t take a hint, schedule a time that suits you.

If you adopt these strategies you will start to regain some time. When you’re done that, you can manage the time that you’ve saved.

Personal Productivity Tips – How to Be More Productive

There’s a funny dilemma in the productivity world: the more time we devote to being productive, the less time we can actually spend working. There are hundreds of websites out there claiming to have the latest miracle productivity application, the best system for organizing and distributing your time, and the newest secret to work success.

The problem isn’t that these systems and applications don’t work — they very often do — it’s that they don’t actively produce results, and instead end up creating more distractions, more problems, and ultimately less work. The best way to learn how to be productive is to separate the core components of productivity from the superficial.

Sure, you can create a productivity system that’s built on applications and crutch programs, but it’s not going to scale to your setting and work style. Whenever you’re not in front of your computer, you’re not going to be able to use your productivity suite.

A much better way to increase productivity is to create a mindset and skill-set that results in work regardless of what setting it’s used in, and regardless of where and how you’re operating it.

In the end, learning how to be productive is about distancing systems of behavior from systems for controlling setting. While controlling setting with productivity programs and tools results in short-term productivity increases, the changes aren’t permanent.

You’ll undoubtedly see more work, but it’s a superficial change, not a productivity system that follows you wherever you go. Invest some time in changing the behavioral systems, and watch as you increase your work output wherever you are, whenever you’re working, and however you want to.

That’s the secret to ultimate productivity, and by far the better system to spend your time learning and adapting to.